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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 16, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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in fact, it could get noisier, much noisier. and more often. >> right up here, yeah. >> reporter: people living in alameda say aircraft noise is already back thanks to their loud neighbors the oakland airport. but they believe a new faa airport would put noise levels over the top. >> added stress to my life. >> they appear suddenly and very noisy and then they disappear. >> reporter: they and others are fighting the plan which would narrow the flight paths into and out of sfo, san jose, and oakland airports essentially funneling more planes over fewer neighborhoods, planes would also fly at lower and louder altitudes. the faa says they don't need to spread out the aircraft anymore because new satellite technology helps planes follow flight routes more precisely. they believe the plan will make
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flying safer and more efficient. kurt peterson worries it will come at the expense of others living near airports. >> it's not good for anyone's health that lives under these conditions. >> reporter: neighbors want the faa to end the plan. >> this does affect our way of life. our enjoyment of our home. we deserve better. >> reporter: the faa could release those updated flight routes as early as next month. and by then, we'll find out which neighborhoods will be affected and by how much. live in alameda, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> yeah, as for the faa it says it's still analyzing the potential impact on nearby residents. a fire on eastbound 84 near the toll on the dumbarton bridge has traffic backed up to the peninsula. two lanes of the highway are closed. highway patrol says hazmat is on scene because the truck was carrying a load of batteries.
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the crash happened just after 4 p.m. the oakland city council is supposed to take up the new a's lease tonight and vote on it once and for all but the mayor is having second thoughts. the special meeting is just getting going. here's a live look right here. social media some fan of the raiders are vowing to dispute how the council is handling things. phil matier is at city hall. what's going on with the mayor back pedaling on this deal? >> reporter: after a day of negotiations with the a's, she still wouldn't commit as to whether she was ready to go forward. but the council might make that decision for her. as to how this is going to go? it's anyone's guess. because after all, this is oakland. >> i think it's absolutely insane. >> reporter: that was oakland city councilman larry reid summing up his frustration with mayor jean quan's latest attempt to delay the vote on approving a new 10-year lease for the oakland a's to stay in
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the city. quan wants more time to try to get more money and bigger commitment out of the team to build a new ballpark. >> i think the city of oakland will continue to push these issues. to the point where it's going to frustrate major league baseball even more. >> reporter: then there are the head scratching tactics by mayor quan who first publicly urged passage of the lease. >> we need the city council to approve it as soon as possible. >> reporter: then she turned around and privately asked the council to delay the vote in an effort to get more from the a's. >> reporter: but you know, it's not the first time or the last time we do that. >> reporter: no kidding. for the past month, they have been batting it between them like a ping pong ball. at one point major league baseball even gave the a's permission to leave town if the lease talks dragged on. do you have any idea why jean quan wanted to hold off? >> there are several people running for mayor, so that's a great influence. >> reporter: the mayor's response?
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do you have an explanation to what the mayor was doing after she said, vote for this and then turned around and said put the brakes on it? >> i can't speak to that private conversation. but i can say that the mayor is hopeful that the council will meet tonight and come up with an agreement that works. >> reporter: ironically, after all of the huffing and puffing on both sides and all of the last-minute negotiations, nothing has changed. >> so this is prit the much the same deal that was already agreed to weeks ago? >> yes. >> reporter: will there be a few changes and vote it through? or will there be yet another detour into the world of politics in oakland? it remains to be seen. we'll give you the latest when it happens. in oakland, phil matier, kpix 5. back to you. >> now if lease gets approved the city will have to deal with the raiders and they want a new stadium and it said they won't share with the a's. developing news out of stockton, police are investigating a terrifying bank robbery. at least one suspect and one
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hostage are dead. it started at this bank of the west around 2:30 this afternoon. witnesses say the robbers fled the bank with three terrified women. >> three guys had three guns and three hostages. and they had the guns to the hostages' heads. they were petrified. their faces were white. they were just so scared. >> caltrans camera spotted the getaway car as it took off. police chased him to lodi and back about 35 miles. as the gunmen fired at officers hitting other cars and homes along the way. the chase ended about an hour later in north stockton. the getaway car riddled with bullets. during the chase police say one hostage was shot in the leg. another may have been grazed by a bullet and a third hostage was killed. as for the suspects, all three were shot as they exchanged fire with officers. one died, the other two are in custody. not guilty says the woman accused of killing a google executive on his yacht in santa
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cruz. alix tichelman stood before a judge pleading not guilty to manslaughter as well as drug and prostitution charges. her bail is $1.5 million. tichelman is accused of injecting 51-year-old forrest hayes with heroin last year and leaving him to die. her attorneys say she didn't intend to kill. >> this case is about two adults who were engaged in mutual consensual drug usage in the context of a sexual encounter, initiated and encouraged by mr. hayes. >> if of all charges, tichleman -- if convicted of all charges, tichelman could face 15 years in prison. this case brings up many questions why a wealthy successful person would take part in such behavior. kiet do reports. >> reporter: i sat down with a man we'll call jack who has a silicon valley cautionary tale of sex, money, power and ego. we concealed his identity and
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changed his voice. all your life you have been risking it. and this was one more -- >> one more girl with a big risk. >> reporter: jack is a high- flying tech executive whose seven-figure salary sends him all over the world working 14- hour days often 7 days a week. he had a beautiful home, wife and $250,000. why would you risk it? >> the addiction in risk. >> reporter: he found his dates on an escort review service raided by the fbi last month. he said the hookers, hotels and pricy dinners cost him over $100,000 over five years. living a double life was part of the thrill. but his wife found incriminating emails last year and divorced him. was having a spouse part of the high? >> i don't think having a spouse was part of the high, i'd like to believe that that's not true. >> what you already have is not
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as rewarding as the winning of something new. >> reporter: dr. elaine brady is a sex addiction specialist and says another factor is what she calls the nerd in high school syndrome. >> never dated, weren't popular, but they start making money and now they discover that women are interested in them. they missed out earlier in life. so now they are in a process of making up or getting back. >> reporter: jack, who has been in therapy for more than a year, says be careful. the valley's money and power can quickly distort your values. >> this environment you get skewed quickly. today you get skewed and tomorrow it's a mile away. >> reporter: how many silicon valley are hiring escorts? it's hard to say. but when you look at these websites, there are a lot of working girls on there. combine that with the fact that there are a lot of single guys and married guys as well with plenty of disposable income and you can see where where there
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is supply there is demand and vice versa. jack from our story did say that there would be a lot more bad behavior in silicon valley if people knew just how easy it was to hire a prostitute. in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a yahoo executive is firing back at a former employee who sued her for sexual harassment. the executive is claiming she has been defamed. yahoo says it is standing behind the executive and will fight to clear her name. the employee said she received a poor performance review because she refused sexual overture. we are learning more about how individual communities are doing on water usage and the results are stunning. the details in that big state survey of large water agencies shows that customers in san francisco used nearly 20% more water this year than last may! on the other hand, the cities of gilroy, pleasanton and santa rosa used a lot less. overall it's an increase of about an -- an increase of about 1% statewide!
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and that's after all the calls for voluntary cutbacks. we might see a change now that california's enacting the toughest water restrictions in state history. some business owners are getting last-minute reprieves but as ann notarangelo tells us, they are worried it won't last long. >> we're coming back now and cleaning the second half. >> reporter: don cosgrove's cleaning service gets about 25% of its business from power washing. the minute he heard the state might ban the practice, he headed to sacramento to plead his case to the water resources board. >> the whole industry would just be shutting down and there are a lot of people that have just pressure washing and that's all they have. >> reporter: you may take the results of power washing for granted. the sidewalk in front of this movie theater is washed down once a month as is disneyland. every, single night. and it's a health issues in big cities that must clean human waste off streets. it's also thousands of people's livelihoods. >> my neighbor across the street the painter, he was i think the color went out of his face when i told him you may not be doing houses for a
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while. >> reporter: joe sable says 80% of his painting business this time of year is home exteriors. >> in my business, we can't do without it, the pressure wash. we can't do a quality job. >> reporter: power washers estimate they use about half the water of a garden hose. the water in an average pool could power wash for 135 hours. the state wants to stop homeowners from hosing down sidewalks and driveways. it seemed less interested in preventing businesses from cleaning up their public spaces. but the water board did leave open the option that it could change its mind. if that happens, both men say their professional agencies will be back pleading their case to the state. >> negotiate, talk, whatever, just so that they don't pass a law that takes away my business. >> reporter: these businessmen ready conserve at home. but water at work is their lifeblood. in concord, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> both businesses are now looking into using recycled water but say it's not an easy switch for the equipment or for
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the surfaces that they are treating. still ahead, a very young deputy on the job in the east bay today. >> a little girl dreaming of becoming an officer gets a special treat from police. >> and less than 24 hours before they cut the ribbon at levi's stadium, the scramble to get the work done before the deadline. >> at least they won't need a rain check. changes ahead in the weather department. the forecast as we look live from dublin cam when we come back. ,, we lowhat's next?hen! great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. picture perfect at levi's stadium in santa clara. a two year construction pha workers were racing tonight to get everything pictured perfect at levi's stadium in santa clara. a two-year construction phase officially winds down tomorrow at the team ceremonial ribbon cutting. crews have tackled all the big jobs like installing seats and getting score boards running. they spent the day cleaning up. the team's president said there are just a few glitches left to work out.
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>> there is a few kinks that we'll work on and you know to be honest to be fair it's just like any new house or any new restaurant that opens, there's always going to be a few things and as long as we're comfortable knowing that there might be a kink or two here or there, we're good to go. we could play a football game today if you want we wanted to. >> they don't have to. the first big event is a soccer game on august2. the first 49er game is a preseason match on august 17 against the broncos. catch it right here on kpix 5. fisherman's wharf was filled with more than tourists and seagulls today as camera crews set up to shoot scenes for a new movie. it's called "san andreas," an action thriller centered around a massive earthquake. dwayne "the rock" johnson is the star. more than 400 extras gave their best performance by acting scared for a tsunami scene. even though by the way the san andreas is not the type of fault to trigger a tsunami. that's just by the way. [ laughter ] >> the film crew will be shooting in russian hill next week. the message is simple:
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call your mother, she worries. cbs reporter sky goldberg says that advice is changing the lives of people in one california city. >> i did it like that. i didn't think about it much. i just knew it would be a good thing. that's all i knew. >> reporter: 86-year-old alan phillips has done something very simple. it's so simple, that most people wouldn't even notice. but many in this covina community have noticed and it changes lives. >> people see you out there and say hi. they enjoy the message. >> reporter: the message is simple. call your mother. she worries. phillips, a retired salesman, saw the sign at a local goodwill store. at first glance, the sign and the quote struck a chord deep in his soul. but why mom? what makes a mother so special in our lives? alan believes that the answer is simple. >> it's where we came from. they are as important as the
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fathers are. but the mothers still get that little extra importance. >> reporter: and it's that wisdom that's given allen a fan club. he can barely make it down the block without a wave, april honk from a passing car, or posing for a picture. but it's the responses that he gets that mean the most to him. >> i'm going to call her now. i'll call her later. i want a picture of that to show to my son or daughter. >> reporter: then there are the times when people tell him that they haven't seen or spoken to their moms in a long time and that worries him. >> is it guilt? is it because of my particular relationship with my mother? >> reporter: either way he says he will continue to remind people to call their mothers and he doesn't mind all the
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attention he is getting. >> that is a lovely story. >> i always call my mom. hi, mom! >> dig me into an even deeper hole. [ laughter ] over san jose, a few high clouds, but that's about it today. the slow humidity is going to dry out over the next couple of days. and things will be become much more comfortable in the bay area. we're big babies when the humidity shows up. livermore 85. san jose 83. hayward 81. san francisco has 70 degrees. high pressure over nevada is going to subside down into the four corners region and that's going to cut off the flow not completely but at least it will slowly edge the moisture away from the bay area. it will be less humid over the next couple of days even as thunderstorms are popping out in the sierra nevada. all that will ease up over the next few days. drizzle at the shoreline.
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drizzle, sun and clouds will mix out on thursday and by the time we get to the weekend, we'll be back to seasonal averages. tomorrow will be unusually cool. some places in the east bay about 10 degrees below average highs. still very pleasant. it will be in the mid-70s but that's not as warm as usual at this time of the year. 61 degrees at fairfield. 57 for an overnight low at napa. in the city 59, san jose 62. tomorrow will be in the 70s for much of the bay area away from the shoreline. 79 at fairfield. 76 at napa. and 73 degrees at fremont. in oakland, 69. here in the city, 66 degrees. extended forecast after a somewhat unusually cool day tomorrow. we'll warm it up slightly toward the weekend. and keep it there for the rest of the week, 80s inland, 70s at the shoreline, cooler further into the workweek. otherwise it's just as per usual for this time of the year. new at 6:00, a disabled hayward girl gets a chance to live her dream today. as john ramos tells us, it all started with a chance encounter
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with a police officer. >> ready, go. >> 500, 10, 10. >> reporter: cal state east bay police chief sheryl boykins rolled with a new partner today. 6-year-old sydney bridgeland spotted the chief at an officer from hayward pd eating lunch yesterday. >> sydney came over and said, when i grow up i want to be a police officer like you two. we started talking to her. she just radiates in positivity and can-do attitude. it was neat. >> reporter: they were so taken with her spirit that they invited her for a tour of each of their departments. she got to take in the view from cal state's campus and watch a police dog demonstration at hayward's pd headquarters. oh, and the s.w.a.t. van was really cool, too. >> come out! >> reporter: she even got to sit in the hayward police chief's chair.
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>> can you get up there? >> reporter: even though she has one left hand than most people, sydney has no doubt she can achieve her dreams. are you sure you can do it? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> i'm smart. really smart >> reporter: that's what it takes is just to be smart, right? >> yeah. i was going through the whole thing of kindergarten. >> reporter: it's not always easy being a female cop and there are days when being a police officer can feel like a no-win job. but a 6-year-old made sure this was not one of those days. >> my week is set. i don't care what happens the rest of the week. this will be the highlight of it. >> reporter: in hayward, john ramos, kpix 5. >> sydney lives in washington state. she was here visiting her grandparents when she was invited to today's excellent adventure. >> looked excellent, too. >> so cute. still ahead, proof you don't have to be in silicon valley to have tech success. >> where this up and coming gaming company just got a huge boost. ,,,,,,,,
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a bay area company is launching a new app that seeks to reunite owners with lost dogs. it's name, finding rover. take a picture with the app and then post it on the finding rover website. it uses facial recognition technology so that any other picture taken with the app will instantly match with the one in the database. so if another person who has the app finds your dog, you could be reunited with your four-legged friend. >> amazing. an up-and-coming gaming company just got a $3 million boost and we are not talking about silicon valley. fifth planet games is in rockland, northeast of sacramento. tony lopez looks at the company that's experienced exponential growth in just four years. >> reporter: fit planet games has come a long way from its beginnings. with a couple of guys trying to create a videogame out of a garage. >> they pulled together all the money they had and did the best they could to make a game that they thought was outstanding. >> reporter: today the rockland company which creates mobile and web games has 70 employees
6:25 pm
and is growing fast. so fast, local investors just gave the company three million dollars to keep growing. >> we are making money, we're a profitable company but there's a situation where we felt like we could take that to the next marketing level and we're launching some new titles in the next couple of months. >> reporter: the chief technology officer and the president of of the company gave us the tour of the fun at work tech company. >> we have mobile development taking place over here. >> reporter: their offices have nerf guns, games and kitchen. >> to do that stuff and get everything done is hard to find elsewhere. >> reporter: you might be able to find it in silicon valley, but database administrator keith wells likes the family atmosphere at fifth planet something you might not find in a big tech company. >> it's easy to communicate with one another and get a product that way. >> reporter: executives here think the $3 million investment is a sign of tech growth in the sacramento region. >> we have a great talent pool here, outstanding employees and the local government and what not has been overwhelmingly
6:26 pm
enjoyable to work with. >> that was tony lopez reporting. fifth planet said the games get about 250,000 players a month. all right. still ahead in the next half- hour, a judge rules california's death penalty unconstitutional. why he says it's the state system that's broken. >> president obama ups the ante against russia. the economic pressure he hopes will end the ukraine conflict. >> wind and rain batter the philippines. typhoon rammasun turns deadly, next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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penalty is unconstitutional. he says the way the state d with it... is dysfunctional. welcome back, i'm brian hackney in for ken bastida. now at 6:30 a california federal judge says the death penalty is unconstitutional that the way the state deals with it is dysfunctional. i'm brian hackney in for ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. the ruling calls the long delays between sentencing and execution cruel and unusual punishment. ernest jones challenged the system on death row for more than 19 years. the judge overturned his sentence. death penalty opponents see this as a monumental ruling that could end executions. >> i think it's another nail in the coffin, the death penalty
6:30 pm
system. it's the first time ever in the u.s. that a court has ruled that any state death penalty is unconstitutional because it's so dysfunctional. >> we got a response from the san mateo district attorney's office that said getting rid of the death penalty would cause a dramatic spike in violent crime. kpix 5 legal analyst melissa griffin-caen joins us with more. how unusual is this ruling being that it's more about the process and not necessarily the death penalty is cruel an unusual punishment? >> it's completely unusual. i don't know if anyone saw this coming. and in this case, basically the judge said appeals are important, we should have them, but in california it's out of control. it could take 8 years for someone to get counsel and courts to take 2 to 4 years to issue a decision. in the aggregate it takes 25 years for the death penalty to get through the appeals process. that's excessive. by the time the person actually gets through the process, they are probably dead of something
6:31 pm
else. so the people who are actually getting unconstitutionalecuted are a small arbitrary -- who are actually getting executed are a small ashery group and that's unconstitutional. when you read it you think this is out of left field so it would probably be appealed but remember that our state attorney general kamala harris is very much against the death penalty. she defended the law in this instance but she could choose not to appeal it up to the higher court and say, you know what? i like this ruling. i do think it's unconstitutional. i'm going to stay with it. if that sounds crazy remember that jerry brown our governor back when he was attorney general did the same thing when it came to proposition 8. he defended it at the lower level, a trial court judge said it's unconstitutional, and he said, that sounds about right to me and i'm going to stay with that and i'm not going to appeal it any further. so right now, her office is trying to figure out the next step but it's going to be interesting to see whether she challenges a ruling that in her heart she probably thinks is correct. >> right. so there are 18 states that don't have the death penalty and california could be the
6:32 pm
next one? >> absolutely. >> all right. melissa, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. the white house is trying to force russia to stop supporting rebels in ukraine. to that end, president obama announced new sanctions targeting banks, energy firms and weapons manufacturers. u.s. accuses russia of provoking violence in eastern ukraine where pro-russian separatists are fighting to break away. >> what we are expecting is that the russian leadership will see that its actions in ukraine have consequences. >> in the last few weeks they say russia has been beefing up its military presence on ukraine border. a five-hour cease-fire in the middle east for humanitarian aid in the palestinian territories. israel's attack on gaza has killed more than 200 palestinians including four young boys aged 9 to 11, the latest victims in the fighting. one israeli has died in the nine-day battle.
6:33 pm
israel will invade them on the ground if gaza continues the rocket attacks. a deadly typhoon that touched down in the philippines yesterday is slowly starting to move west off the coast and, in fact, now it's in the south china sea. but typhoon rammasun left a path of devastation. at least 20 people have died. hundreds of thousands were forced to evacuate. it slammed onshore yesterday with 105-mile-an-hour winds taking out trees and downing power lines. the storm dumped a few months' worth of rain in just a few hours. still ahead, a tesla for half the price. the company's new more affordable electric car. also in consumerwatch a new kind of car insurance that could really pay off for drivers with low mileage. ,,,,,,
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pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. to drop in the bay area. companies are competing more aggre s. as unemployment rates continue to drop in the bay area, companies are competing more aggressively for workers. hundreds of people showed up for a job fair at the milk
6:36 pm
production company berkeley farms in hayward. some were in line as early as 5 a.m. recruiters are trying to fill dozens of positions from truck drivers to managers. some people got job offers on the spot. >> if i can, i'd jump up and downright now. [ laughter ] >> i feel great! i feel great. couldn't feel better coming to a job fair. we didn't have this two, three, four, five years ago. people weren't hiring. but now, all the doors are open wide. >> another company parked an advertising truck in front of that job fair promoting a different job fair happening in fremont today. companies say they have as to compete harder for experienced workers. if you purchased an ebook from apple you might get some cash. on the consumerwatch, the tech giant may have to pay up to $400 million. >> reporter: they reached a settlement with 33 states over antitrust allegations that conspired with book publishers to drive up ebook prices.
6:37 pm
last year a judge ruled against apple and ordered them to modify its contracts with publishers to avoid price fixing. apple denies and will appeal. if apple wins the appeal it won't have to pay the settlement. good news for tesla fans who don't have an extra $70,000. the company will be making a more affordable electric car for half the price. the new one is supposed to compete with the bmw three series of a tesla spokesman confirmed will be producing the smaller cheaper less that around 2017 and it will reportedly have a range of 200 miles per charge. a new kind of car insurance is making its debut in california. metro mile bills itself as a first-ever pay per mile auto insurance. they keep track of your mileage with a device that plugs into your car. metro mile says most drivers will pay between 3 to 5 cents a mile on top of a monthly base between 30 and $50. now, most other insurers do
6:38 pm
base their rates on usage. but it's usually a fairly broad mileage range. metro miles says it's the first to calculate rates precisely on a per mile basis and metro mile caps the daily rate at 150 miles a day so if you go on a long road trip you don't get a huge bill. >> sounds like a plan. >> could save you money. you pay for what you drive. >> not a bad thing. thank you. still ahead, he is linking young people with valuable mentors. >> meet the east bay man who is making those connections and giving props to some unsung heroes. thumbs up for the weather, too. forecast coming up after a break. but before sports. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, they call it the tiger woods factor. >> it's not fear. it's respect. >> a former saint mary's star showed no respect for his tv reporters. >> and a former channel 5 sports intern turns giants baseball player. >> my dad said, hey, you got drafted. >> coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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leaders... we all know of underdogs who don't get en here's one
6:42 pm
whether they are volunteers, athletesor community leaders we all know of underdogs to don't get enough recognition. one bay area man who wants to change that. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: arif khatib beliefs some people are not getting the support or encouragement they deserve so he does it himself. [ applause ] reporter: 14-year-old lavonne beale received an award for working hard at school but the 8th grader strives for more. >> how can i grow up to be good and do better? >> reporter: he is get a mentor to guide him thanks to arif khatib. he helped organize the awards ceremony to encourage young african-americans to reach for the stars. >> they are good boys. they need a male figure in their lives. >> reporter: besides the mentor program, he also honors unsung heroes in sports and in the
6:43 pm
community. >> i want them to know that there played hard, they did it the right way. >> reporter: arif felt many excellent athletes were overlooked so in touted, he started his own hall of fame to recognize standouts far and wide. at first, he inducted only african-americans, then several years later he recognized winners of all races. his multi-ethnic sports hall of fame, meshof for short, has inducted more than 350 sports figures, most recently wnba start ruthie bolton, oakland raider fred biletnikoff and the golden state warriors joe roberts. >> a few tears cheeked me up for a minute. >> reporter: joe, assistant coach for the 1975 nba champs, satisfies the multi-em nick hall of fame award is very special. >> it means to me that i have done something right in the bay area along with other great athletes. >> reporter: through meshof, arif has also honored nearly 300 community leaders like
6:44 pm
retired "oakland tribune" writer dave newhouse. assistant michelle hall says by recognizing their contributions, arif seeks to affirm and inspires others. >> he brings to light hidden treasures in people. >> reporter: so for encouraging young aevery african-americans to succeed and for honoring people who have, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to arif khatib. he also mentors a young female law student who was the first in her family to go to college. >> is he doing this just locally? >> reporter: no. he is all over the nation. all the places in the country, as well. they try to go to where the winners are. you save that money not having to bring them to the bay area, he has been too cuba, all over the united states, wherever the winners are. >> good for him. and it reminds me of how little i have been doing when you see the people who win these awards. by the way, you can nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award at thank you. california has a lot o
6:45 pm
emblems, bear, quail, redwoods. don ford fells us about what's so special about the red legged frog. >> reporter: everyone knows the state animal is the grizzly bear, the flower the poppy. but it also has a state bird, state fish, state fossil, state grass, and a state rock. not to be confused with the state mineral, which of course is gold. now, this week, we have a state frog. why does california need a state frog. that's a really good question. >> reporter: a famous threatened species, once glamorized by mark twain as the frog of choice at the calaveras frog jump in 1865. it is the largest native frog in the western united states. the goal miners of that -- gold miners of that time liked them, too. >> they didn't have enough food so they started eating everything they could including
6:46 pm
tens of thousands of red legged frogs they found. >> reporter: not a problem anymore. the legislation makes it the official state frog the brainchild of some third great students. their state assemblyman sponsored the bill and jerry brown signed it. >> save the frogs is a nonprofit organization and this is the world headquarters in berkeley, california. >> reporter: these folks are very happy for the red legged frogs. >> i'm a frog guy for sure. i'm definitely passionate about amphibians but it's because i want to save them. >> reporter: the organization has all kinds of stuff to show how much they care about frogs and this week they see this sensitive species of special concern getting some special recognition from the state. >> big beautiful red frog. >> reporter: in berkeley, don ford, kpix 5. >> added to the list was the pacific leather back turtle our state marine reptile in 2012. brian hackney knows about that stuff. big leather back sea turret. >> reptiles are some of my best
6:47 pm
friends, actually. they are everywhere. who knew we had a state reptile? as we head out to the tallest skyscraper in san francisco pointing its little head into the low clouds that begin filtering in over the shoreline and very extensive this morning. it's one of the reasons why temperatures just dropped like a set of car keys today. right now 71 in san bruno. oakland 70. livermore 74. san francisco 65. santa rosa at 70, as well. leaden overcast by the shoreline plenty of sun inland and on the kpix 5 hi-def doppler which we are firing up not to show you this little area of ground clutter, it's not really rain, but this is really rain. out there in the eastern sierra, and if you have not seen california heading down highway 395, which is right here, then you have not seen california. it's stunning. one of the big stops on 395 is mammoth lakes and you can see they have thunderstorms just firing up over that volcanic peak. must be quite a sight out there tonight. high pressure is bringing all this monsoonal moisture up from the south. that's where we are getting thunderstorms in the sierra.
6:48 pm
for us just some mid-level clouds and a drop or two, you can probably count on two hands the number of drops that have fallen around the bay area. low pressure is providing a corridor for the moisture to come up. but high pressure is heading south. it will cut off that moisture stream from the desert southwest. so we are not going to be as humid tomorrow. temperatures also will be about 10 degrees below average inland. we also build up the drizzle along the shoreline so with low clouds tonight we'll get some drizzle so the windshield wipers tomorrow morning if you are close to the coast and then sun and clouds will mix out on thursday. more seasonal this week. temperatures rebound a bit. we'll get back to where we should be for this time of the year but in the meantime, tomorrow close to the coast average. inland, cooler than average. 77 degrees at concord. should be 87. san jose 78. should be 84. oakland about where you should be. down in the south bay still plenty warm with 78 san jose, 82 los gatos. and 63 at pacifica. 72 at hayward. and 71 in union city. in the east bay the numbers
6:49 pm
will almost uniformly be in the 70s but if you go to the far east to brentwood, 84. 82 antioch. 79 fairfield. north bay looks nice. good day for wine country if you can swing it. mid-70s with plenty of sunshine after low clouds in the morning. 73 santa rosa. ukiah 92 tomorrow. 89 lakeport. 88 degrees for clearlake. extended forecast, we are calling for things to be a little drizzly along the shoreline tomorrow morning and temperatures at the beach in the low 60s. they will stay there the rest of the week. inland recovering to the mid- 80s where we should be on average. and around the bay we'll be in the low 70s and we'll carry that trend pretty much through the early part of next week with a fluctuation here and there but in terms of anything really hot? not happening. and that could probably apply to sports, as well. dennis is here with all the latest. >> brian! >> after a break. [ laughter ] ,,
6:50 pm
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heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. it is game on with dennis o'donnell. we're talking what, british open? >> i don't know what you gooist are doing at 1 a.m.? morning. i fled the area what i'm doing. the british open. you got there to get up pretty early. >> you're watching it with an accent. >> it's on the irish sea, of course! henrik stenson is the favorite to win the british open which will tee off in a matter of
6:53 pm
hours. now, stenson is paired with tiger woods, who has not won a major since 2008. >> do you think it strikes fear in his heart when he drew you as a partner. >> a lot of sleepless nights. he looked tired, didn't he? [ laughter ] >> good stuff. stenson woods and angel cabrera will tee off in a few hours. while woods hasn't are the eye of the tiger lately tom watson says the rest of the field will have their eye on tying. >> it's not fear. it's respect. when i was playing golf, it was always, where's jack on the leaderboard on that yellow leaderboard. where's jack? that was the first name i looked for. i guarantee that you these players looking at these new electronic score boards are going to be looking for tiger woods' name. these are our picks. we don't see tiger among them and for good reason.
6:54 pm
[ laughter ] >> but veronica, you like rory? >> i do. i like him. >> it's a good pick because he is irish. >> it's a safe pick. >> he is rededicating his new love is golf, because, you know, him and carolyn wozniaky were engaged and not engaged so his new love is golf. >> i was consulted by a weather producer who is mr. golf. >> wayne our director, can i have a shot of the control room, please? probably not. but anyway, wayne who is directing this newscast he goes henrik. >> he is going with stenson. he is going with the favorite, smart man. the san antonio spurs won their fifth championship last month but the celebration has extended far beyond the alamo! former saint mary's star patty mills is making sure all of australia sees the larry o'brien trophy. >> the larry o'brien trophy, yeah! >> video bombed there. back to the future for brandon rush. the forward is returning to the
6:55 pm
warriors. two-year deal at just 2.5 million. the 29-year-old averaged so points a game in his only full season with golden state. he tour his ocl in 2012, played only 38 games last year after tearing his acl. the sharks are bringing back jay so demers for two years except he gets 6.8 million. he had 5 goals, 29 assists and 34 bounties last year. boyle is out. demers will get more time. we have had sports interns at channel 5 who have come and gone to bigger better things. but never have they gone pro. >> reporter: the facade of municipal stadium is proof. their tall right-handed pitcher joe biagini has a much different perspective on playing minor league baseball in the south bay. >> my family is strange. they are my actual family so i can get away with saying that.
6:56 pm
i talk to the people here, the front office, we have one for you. and i looked it up it was four houses down from me. so i was like, nevermind. >> reporter: biagini was selected in the 26th round out of uc-davis to very little fanfare. even in his own house. >> i think i was in the bathroom so i had to -- my dad said, hey, you got drafted. and i said, i had the prior, uhm, engagement to finish up. >> reporter: it's unlike biagini to sugar coat anything. even at his own chances to make it to the big leagues. that's why he is one of the few who prepares for life after baseball while he is still playing it. >> i think about it every time i pitch bad. >> reporter: he scheduled to work at a south bay production company in the winter. he was an intern at kpix 5 for about a year. he was working for us in the giants clubhouse the night that clinched the national league west in 2012. >> they had a champagne shower. i think it was just because i was there. they -- no. really enjoyed the, the, experience with you guys and i
6:57 pm
was actually thinking you might ask me to come in and help you like edit this or something like -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: roughly 40 big league players have college degrees. biagini wants to make sure he actually uses his despite a bright future in the game. >> at this stage in our careers, i don't think you see it very often as far as being a kid that's got a chance to become a major league pitcher, i believe he does. >> i appreciate the help i'm getting here, but i also want to prepare myself for the rest of my life that might end up being more likely than what i'm doing now. >> pitchers never do interviews on the day that they pitch. but he made the exception because we were down there. and he pitched his best game of the season! >> good. >> you didn't ask him towed it your piece? >> he had no edit in the production of the story. captions by: caption colorado
6:58 pm
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"family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: how's it going? [applause and cheering] thank you very much, folks. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody! i'm your man steve harvey. like always, we got another good one for you today. we got a family returning for the second day, already with a total of $20,000, from covington, georgia, it's the crowe family. [applause] and from decatur, georgia, it's the prather family. [applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new, stylish ford fusion. [applause] let's go play feud. give me mark. give me fradrika. [applause]


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